Mobile Refrigerated Cabinet

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Mobile Refrigerated Cabinet

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Designed to transport food safe from the kitchen to the banqueting area

  • The size of the cabinet is designed according to the GN plate that can be matched
  • Internal and external use of 304 stainless steel material, durable, easy to clean, with high corrosion resistance
  • Built-in handles all around for easier movement
  • 155mm heavy-duty casters with brakes , barrier-free movement , can be easily positioned 75mm thick high-density polyurethane environmental protection foam layer
  • The door frame heating wire can be replaced
  • The hydrophilic film evaporator , having corrosion resistance properties
  • Automatic return door design to avoid the entry of hot air and reduce energy consumption
  • Adjustable shelf anti-tilt bracket, with GN basin design , and easy to disassemble, flexible storage, easy to clean
  • Door opening angle can exceed 90 degrees for easy food placement and inventory checking
  • The inner box is full of rounded corners where dirt is easy to hide , easy to clean
  • Forced air cooling circulation system , fast cooling and uniform cabinet temperature
  • The control system automatically detects the equipment condition and automatically displays the fault code
  • Hot gas defrosting system, uniform and fast defrosting, energy saving and environmental protection
  • Automatic evaporation of defrost water, no drain pipe required
  • Door open timeout alarm ensures food quality and reduces energy consumption
  • The freezer door is opened and the cooling fan is powered off to avoid the loss of cold air and reduce energy consumption
  • Equipped with a circulating fan to ensure that the temperature rises quickly and evenly
  • Configure automatic safety over-temperature sensing off protection - to prevent overheating
  • Using environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • It can still operate normally in the harsh environment of 0~43
  • Supply voltage optional

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