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Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

Restaurant equipment includes everything used to prepare, cook, heat, and store food. While restaurant or cafe owners spend a lot of time thinking about buying equipment, the need to maintain existing equipment is often neglected until something goes awry. If you find yourself neglecting regular restaurant equipment maintenance, it may be a matter of time before this overlook will cause you trouble. Over time, as with most equipment, there will be a malfunction, making the appliance unusable until the service fixes it.


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Why Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance is Essential?

In the day to day running of a busy commercial kitchen, the integrity and functioning of key equipment and appliances can be easily overlooked. In a busy service, a key piece of equipment such as a commercial oven can be used at full tilt to literally prepare hundreds of meals. However, these hard-working assets are absolutely essential to the safe, productive and profitable performance of your food business and failure can cause big problems, especially if the equipment is in use when it breaks down. That is why commercial kitchen equipment maintenance is crucial.