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  • Manufactured in stainless steel. Double wall.
  • Machines made of different modules according to models and needs.
  • Entry tunnel 630 x 440 mm.
  • Splash-guard modules at entry DE SERIES.
  • Loading section (1.2 m) and unloading section (2.2 m), 900 mm high,
  • with standard 600 mm-wide belt for dishes and trays.
  • High-power, standard drier with possibility of adding up to 2 EXTRA standard driers.
  • Adaptive final-rinse system with rinse pump with break tank that ensures low, consistent
  • use, adapts to all speeds.
  • Break tank for water inlet in the boiler at a constant pressure. Inlet solenoid valve with filter for break tank.
  • Double-effect rinse module with pre-rinse tank and water boiler.
  • Automatic detection of dishes using photocell sensor.
  • Steam extraction system to prevent steam from leaving. Adjustable.
  • Automatic water-renewal system for prewash.
  • Double curtains at the entry and exit, and
  • Foodservice | Dishwashing
  • To divide the different inner areas.
  • Stop/start switches at the entry and exit.
  • Prewashing and washing arms made of stainless steel which can be detached for cleaning.
  • Triple filtration in the washing modules.
  • Embedded tank bottom to guarantee complete emptying and enable cleaning.
  • Standard energy recovery system. Reduction of 9kWh.
  • Automatic pre-heating system.
  • Triple-effect prewash system. Quadruple effect prewash in FCO-P2W4 and FCO-P3W4 models.
  • Double-effect rinse module with pre-rinse tank and boiler to heat water.
  • Electronic temperature control of water for wash, prewash and rinse.
  • Safety thermostat.
  • 3 production programmes. It fulfils DIN 10534
  • standard (progr. 1)
  • ANTI-BLOCK system with belt reversal.
  • Detection of belt end with stop and auto-start.
  • Doors with sensors to stop machine.
  • Micro magnets for door opening and safety.
  • 0.25 kW moto-reducer controlled by frequency converter.
  • Stop/start switches at the entry and exit.
  • Standard provision of baskets: 2 x CT-10, 2 x
  • CV -16/105 and 1 basket for cutlery.
  • The machine must be ordered with one of for plates and dish baskets
  • For kitchenware (pots, containers and trays)
  • For isothermal trays

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