EMFP9-160 B

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EMFP-160 B

• Sealed compressor with ventilated condenser.
• Copper pipe evaporator with aluminium wings.
• 50 mm of injected polyurethane insulation with a density of 40 kg/m3..
• Alarm to prevent prolonged opening of the door.
• Reversible doors, with automatic closing device and open fastening at 90º.
• Adjustable stainless steel legs.
• Height adjustable between 580 and 600 mm for the positioning of tabletop machines.
• R-134 A coolant without CFC.
• Forced draught.
• Working temperature: -2 ºC, +8 ºC, at room temperature of 38 ºC
• Electronic temperature and defrosting control and display.

• Kit of 4 castors (2 with brakes). Factory fitted.
• Frequency of 60 Hz.
• Tropicalised equipment.
• Locks on doors.
• Panoramic door opening

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