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In professional catering, food safety and hygiene should be considered a priority. That is why the use of commercial blast chillers has become essential in kitchens.
Our Chilling / Freezing system complies with the latest standards based on the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) and can be controlled and certified by additional systems.
Fagor Industrial compact blast chillers quickly reduce the temperature of fresh and cooked foods, preserving them while retaining their freshness, hygiene and quality.


The curved joints facilitate cleaning, the interior parts are easily removable and the sloping drain facilitates the emptying of residual liquids. The blast chillers have a interior water collection tray.


Our models are mixed, performing refrigeration cycles (90 ºC to 3 ºC) in 90 minutes or freezing (90 ºC to -18 ºC) in 240 minutes, and maintaining food at the desired temperature once the cycle comes to an end. In each cycle there are 2 modes: strong / soft depending on the type and thickness of the food (less than or greater than 2 cm). This technology enables us to achieve a very competitive performance and power level which is tested under the harshest conditions.


Our rack rails can accommodate GN or pastry trays and offer a versatility required by food services and large restaurants.


The Fagor control and its intuitive menu facilitate the use of our devices and enable the creation of up to 10 programs. Cycle control can be carried out according to time or by inserting the probe into in the food. If the probe is not used the control will be carried out automatically according to time.

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